Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Fiddle Or A Violin?

As far as answering the question "Is it a Fiddle or a Violin" I am not sure, but at least it has humor, so on with the fiddle music.

For years man has been struggling with that nagging question, "What is the difference between an violin and a fiddle?" Almost every time I play somewhere I can count on being asked that question.One night in Homestead Florida I was sitting in on a jam session with some old gents that must have each been close to 100 years old. Their instruments were all beat up well worn. The banjo player had a clothes pin for a bridge and the head was well blackend where his fingers had rubbed it, the guitar pickers guitar was split around the edge (I think it was a Kay), the bass had a massive hole in the back and the fiddlers fiddle was almost white with rosin. All in all I'd say those were some very well used and happy instruments.


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